Welcome to 21st century classroom reading.

Subtext adds new dimension to digital books in the classroom. We make it easy for classes to explore a text together and for students to close the loop from reading to analysis to writing. Our unique features give teachers the tools they need to tailor the learning experience to each student—and maximize results for every class.

Only reader built for K12 classrooms

Subtext is the only reading service focused exclusively on K12 classrooms. From closed reading groups to helpful teacher controls, we’ve created every element of Subtext to make it easy (and fun) for you and your class to read together and exchange ideas.

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Tons of quality content

We currently offer one of the world’s largest collections of free and paid books via Google Books and Feedbooks. In addition, you can add documents and save almost any Web article or blog post to Subtext for classroom reading. Volume purchasing is also available through Google books.

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Flexible tools for teachers

Our annotation tools open up endless opportunities for engagement and guidance in and out of the classroom. You can add prompts to encourage critical thinking, link to information on the web to help expand student understanding of a text, lead guided discussions to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and discovery, and much more.

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Supports the Common Core

Subtext supports a natural progression from reading to analysis to writing. And because annotations are linked directly to the source text, there’s a built-in emphasis on close reading and critical thinking. Subtext also makes it easy to layer all kinds of Web content over texts—including videos, photographs and links to everything from news articles to Google maps.

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New insight into how students read

We know a lot happens between assignment and assessment, and Subtext now surfaces this engagement. From a student’s first turned page to their 100th annotation, we build an individualized reading profile. As you gain an understanding of student engagement, you can personalize your teaching strategies and increase their learning outcomes.

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