Subtext & Edmodo

Now you can use Subtext to share notes and discussion prompts with your classes on Edmodo. Your posts will even include an excerpt of the original text so you never have to waste time transcribing a passage again. It’s also the easiest way for you to set up reading groups in Subtext—when you log in with Edmodo, we import all your classroom groups for you!

Take advantage of all the benefits of using Subtext with Edmodo:

Using Subtext with Edmodo is perfect for classrooms that don’t have iPads and a great way to foster student participation in classes that do. Either way, Subtext gives you the tools to guide classroom discussion, scaffold the text and encourage critical reading.

Tip: Before you or your students can log into Subtext with an Edmodo account, you need to install the free Subtext app WITHIN Edmodo. Learn more »