Teacher vs. Student View of Subtext/AR360

Please note: Teachers can change their user type by opening the ‘Settings’ menu in the bottom-left corner of their home screens, however, self-designating as a ‘Student’ will lock a reader into that user type, requiring Subtext Support to switch the account type back to ‘Teacher.’ In addition to referring to this page, teachers may want to create a student account for themselves to use as a reference of what their students are viewing in the app at any given time.

‘Teacher’ and ‘Student’ abilities vary within Subtext, so the way the app appears can vary, too.  So, in order to give teachers a better understanding of what their students are experiencing, we’ve provided some examples of instances in which these account views differ.

There are a few key differences between teacher and student accounts:

1) Teachers can restrict student access to some Subtext/AR360 features for members of their groups. Restricting student accounts prevents students from browsing the web in the app, creating groups, sending private messages to other students, and searching for their own reading content.

                           Teacher View                                                          Student View

1.Teacher - Restrict Activity   1.Student - Restrict Activity

2) Track Progress gives teachers with premium access in Subtext a lot of insight into how their students are reading and engaging in a particular text. By tapping on a student profile picture, teachers can see an overview of that particular student’s activity and access their notes and discussions. Students, however, can only see what page their peers are on in the book and how many notes they’ve created.

                           Teacher View                                                         Student View

2.Teacher-TrackProgress   2.Student-TrackProgress

3) In addition to seeing notes from your own reading groups, teachers with premium access can also see notes that other educators have shared with Subtext’s Teachers+ group. Teachers+ is the reading group for educators in the app – it’s a great resource for teachers and education experts who want to share and discuss lesson ideas. No students, whether they have premium access or not, can join the Teachers+ group, so students will never see notes from readers not in one of their groups.

                          Teacher View                                                            Student View

3.Teacher-Teachers+         3.Student-Teachers+

4) Teachers have the ability to delete any of their students’ notes and discussions in a book. Students can only delete or edit their own notes. In addition, although students can make their notes and highlights “private”, teachers can opt to see all of the activity in a book, even students’ private notes.

                         Teacher View                                                           Student View

4.Teacher-DeleteNotes   4.Student-DeletingNotes