The Common Core is at our core.

Subtext is remarkably well-aligned with the Common Core Standards. When students read with Subtext, they are naturally encouraged to analyze what they read, articulate what they think and make connections between texts and the outside world. And of course, reading with Subtext integrates a whole host of 21st Century skills.

Common Core Support Built Right In

CCSS Area Subtext Support
Text-based Evidence • Use tags to cite evidence and support several standards.
Key Ideas & Details • Create prompts for inference and summary writing activities.
Craft & Structure • Embed questions for analysis of figurative language and structure.
• Link to informational texts to support point of view.
Integration of Knowledge & Ideas • Add Web links, images and videos directly into the text.
• Compare two or more texts.
Text Complexity • Scaffold any digital text across content areas.
• Article Collections by ATOS level and CCSS expected reading ranges. (Premium)
Nonfiction Reading • Upload any Web article or PDF (think: current events, science and more).
Vocabulary • In-app dictionary and analytics on student word look up’s
• Text to speech for English learner support (Premium).

New Common Core Support in Subtext Premium

Common Core Assignment Templates: Our experts have developed more than 50 ready-to-use Assignment templates (video) with activities that help reinforce the Common Core State Standards. You can edit templates (such as ‘Making Inference’ or ‘Author’s Purpose’) to suit your needs or create your own, then just layer them over any text!

Curated Article Collections: You can access hundreds of curated nonfiction and informational texts sorted by CCSS reading range and topic. Group related books and articles to create a unit or just share a few articles with a class to build background knowledge on any topic.


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