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Whether you want to read with colleagues or share popular, teacher-annotated books with your students and their parents, Subtext can help. This year we have many talented teachers and librarians involved in our book selections and light annotations. Think: high interest books for highly-engaged readers!

Our contributors

Student Book Clubs: Special thanks to Lisa Highfill & Robert Miller, the organizers of last year’s ‘Wonder’ Read Aloud campaign. This is the first time they’re taking the plunge and doing a summer book club in Subtext!  Look for their notes and videos in the pages of many of our summer reads!  Special thanks also to Holly Clark, Dena Glynn, and Jeff Montgomery for helping us curate our final list of high-interest reads.

PD Book Clubs: Special thanks to Jossey-Bass, the K12 education group of Wiley & Sons, for their curated list of PD books and teacher annotations, as well as Wes Fryer, the author of ‘Playing with Media’ (and a Subtext power user!)

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You fill out the form, we set up your group

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with your group code and easy auto-join URL. If you’re reading with others, just forward that URL along and everyone will join the book club together!

Using Edmodo?

You’ll need to set up your own summer reading group and tell us the group name, below. Once we have that, we’ll send you your instructions for getting your kids and parents reading in Subtext!

What else is required?

1) iPad. Currently Subtext is available as a free app on the iPad, so that’s where our summer book clubs will happen this year. Stay tuned for our Web reader and Android version, coming this summer and Fall!

2) Book purchase. Most of our book selections are high interest and contemporary fiction, meaning they are not found in the public domain. Book costs range from $5-15, depending on title. Teachers or parents can buy directly from Subtext once they open the free preview and schools can order via our Google volume purchase program (10% discount going on now, find out more).

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