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Posted October 10, 2014 under New Features, Smilestones, Subtext News

My Library

You can now download Subtext 4.0 from the App Store! We’re starting off the Fall with a few new additions, all based on popular teacher requests:

  • Improved feedback to students: Sort replies in any comment thread by alphabetical order of students’ names. Reply to students individually for more direct & relevant feedback.
  • Leveled books & articles: Find an ATOS reading level for any article you bring in from the Web.
  • Organize your content: Find your content more easily by filtering ‘My Library’ by group or tag. Put texts into units or collections based on your own tags.
  • Group roster sorted by last name: Find and view student work by last name in the group list, for easier grading and organization.
  • Updated CCSS assignments: Easier to add instruction with suggested assignments or CCSS assignment templates, all tied to standards and skills. Browse by standard or grade level, or create your own.
  • Text to Speech works off-line: Now your students can use text to speech and see words highlighted as they are spoken, even while off-line.
  • iOS7+ required: Please update to iOS7, as we no longer support iOS6 or lower.

You may have also noticed an all-new ‘My Library’ design, released in May to make it easier to find your content and groups. If you’d like to switch back to our old interface, you can switch anytime. Just tap “Settings” at the bottom of ‘My Library’ and check the box next to “Use Latest Dashboard UI”. For more information, check out our 3.5 release blog post.

As always, let us know what you think about the latest changes via email, tweet, or in the comments here! Happy reading!

- The Subtext Team

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