Buying ebooks?

Order before 8/30/13 and save

Let Subtext and Google help you save on your 2013-2014 class reading! Subtext works with Google Play for volume purchase. If you’re a Google Apps for Ed school and use Google email, we can simply send a purchased book to students’ libraries in Subtext. Once you order with us, all students need to do is log in to access their books.  It’s that easy!

Spend $500+ and get 10% off

Spend $500 or more on books and get 10% on everything you order. As an example, let’s take an average price of $5 per book and 30 students per class:

  • One class buying 5 books per student = $75 savings (about 15 free books!)
  • Two classes buying 2 books per student = $120 savings (about 24 free books!)
  • Four classes buying 2 books per student = $240 savings (about 48 free books!)

spend 500 and save

We’re here to help

We’ll help you work through your reading list, create an estimate, then submit your order, all in one PO. Purchases must be made by 8/30/13, invoices to be sent by Sept 2013.  Have leftover budget this year? We can bill you this year too!

Friends help friends save on books

Refer another school to purchase and get another $50 towards your own purchase. Just add the school name and contact person below and we’ll let you know when they order.

Sign up here:

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    Refer a Friend

    List a colleague and their school, and if they order, we'll credit your order by another $50.
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