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It’s always great when the press covers what we’re doing, but we get really excited when teachers write, blog, and tweet about Subtext. Don’t miss some of our favorite posts from educators: Primary Tech TeachingCarpeEdTechEdTechDiva, EdudemiciPad Innovation, INTERTEXTrEVOLUTION, and Librarians on the Fly. Have a blog or article we’re missing? Let us know.

The PW Digital Publishing Startup Review, 2014

January 3, 2014 from Publisher's Weekly

As one publishing executive noted at a recent panel, although the industry is often cast as beleaguered in the media, there is certainly no shortage of new startups trying to break in each year. Over the course of the last several years, PW has written about dozens of startups that are hoping to bring something new to the book market. To see how some of those startups have fared, PW checked in with more than 30 publishing-related ventures that launched within the last few years and found that most are still optimistic about making a go of it in the new book business, though more than one has tweaked its original business model.

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SLJ’s Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013

December 19, 2013 from The Digital Shift

Social reading. Authors converse via hashtags. Librarians run virtual book clubs. People of all ages discuss books on myriad platforms. Subtext, a free app, lets reader groups exchange ideas.

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Combining Articles? No Problem!

December 15, 2013 from Carpe Edtech

Say you're starting a new topic, like opinion writing. You come across three perfect articles that you'd like to add to Subtext and share with students. Maybe you're going to have them select their favorite and use text evidence to explain their thinking. You wish you could put all of the articles together into one book and not have your students add three distinct "booklets" to your shelf. Well, there's a way you can do it; enter Readlist.

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Subtext + Book Creator = A Perfect Math

December 15, 2013 from Primary Tech Teaching

Subtext has already been shown to be great for reading. You can collaborate with peers, ask and respond to questions, among many other wonderful things. If you've already checked out my last blog post about Subtext, you would know how much my students and I enjoy using this app. Subtext isn't just restricted to guided reading and closed reading of already published texts with K-12 students. It can be used for so many different things, such as writing. That is where BookCreator comes in.

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With Subtext, the classroom is brought home

December 12, 2013 from Teacher Meets Techie

I’ve been thinking about Subtext for about a year now–I’ve played with it, I’ve discussed it, but I never committed to using it in class until now, mostly because I wanted my students to feel comfortable with all of our school-wide core apps before I introduced another one. A few weeks ago, I decided to populate my Subtext group with the short stories from my “Women Writers of the World” unit, and we were off! In a nutshell: love. it.

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