Premium Features

In the Fall of 2013, we began delivering deeper instructional features meant to help educators with curation, Common Core support and differentiation in any digital text. Our goal is to make it easy to read and collaborate with your class for free, then jump into instructional support and greater student reading insights when you’re ready.

Ready to add premium features to your classroom? Learn how »

Free Features: Read & Collaborate

Subtext is free to download and use on iOS with these classroom features:

Create Groups: easily share content, keep discussions closed and differentiate instruction. Learn more »

Embed Discussions: help students engage with their reading through collaboration. Learn more »

Find Content: use our in-app search or clip articles from the web with ‘Save to Subtext’. Learn more »

Log in Quickly: use your Google, Edmodo, or Renaissance Place™ accounts. Learn more »

Use a Cart Program: easily share devices while keeping student work separated. Learn more »

Get on the Same Page: get students on the same page instantly with a two-finger tap. Learn more »

Read Offline: view and add discussions while off-line, they’ll sync when you connect. Learn more »

Restrict Students: limit student access to the web, content, messages and groups. Learn more »

Research: double-tap to look up any word in the dictionary or the Web. Learn more » 

Write: paste tagged passages into essays or group projects in Google Docs, complete with bibliographies. Learn more » 

Premium Features: Instruct & Monitor

Build a deeper connection to students’ reading and further enhance instruction through these features offered only with Premium accounts:

Track Progress: We know a lot happens between assignment and assessment, and Subtext can surface this engagement. From a student’s first page turn to their hundredth annotation, we build an individualized reading profile. As you gain an understanding of student engagement, you can differentiate your instruction. Just tap on ‘Track Progress’ to access student reading speed, vocabulary look-ups, notes, and highlights. Learn more »

Text-to-Speech: Students can listen to a single word, a passage, or a whole page at their desired playback speed. A great way to support ELL, struggling, or younger readers. Learn more »

Common Core Assignments for any Book or Article: Our curriculum specialists have developed over 50 templates, sortable by text type, grade, and standard. Choose a template (e.g. ‘Making Inferences’ or ‘Sum it Up’) that includes suggested tagging and writing activities or add your own. Learn more »

Teachers+ Community: Access our educator community to save on prep time, share assignments and notes, or plan curriculum across a district. Learn more »

Premium accounts are now available through iTunes in-app purchase or through Renaissance Sales. Features can be activated for a few classrooms or for your whole district.  Call us at (800) 338-4204 or email us to get a quote today!