New Features: Save to Subtext,
Edmodo Sharing and More

Posted August 21, 2012 under New Features

Go back to school with a new and improved version of Subtext! We just released a major update to the app with a ton of exciting new features and tools to make classroom reading even better. Read more about what’s new in Subtext 1.4 below and get it free on the App Store today.

What’s New in 1.4:

  • Save to Subtext: You can save web pages, including new articles and blog posts, to your personal and group shelves in Subtext. ‘Save to Subtext’ is available in the app under ‘Adding Books & Docs’ and via a proprietary bookmarklet found on
  • Offline mode: You and your students can view and add annotations while you read without web connectivity. Your new notes will be uploaded the next time you’re online.
  • Multiple Logins: Subtext supports multiple logins, so students can share an iPad (and books and documents) without ever seeing each other’s notes.
  • Edmodo login and social sharing: When you log into Subtext with Edmodo, your Edmodo groups are imported into Subtext as closed reading groups; then you can share notes left in Subtext out to your students on the Edmodo stream.
  • Text tagging: You and your students can highlight an excerpt of text, tag it and add a note for additional context.
  • Restricted student setting: Teachers can change the status of all the students in a group from unrestricted (our default setting) to restricted. Restricted students cannot surf the web, create group or share notes from group to group.

If you have any questions about using the Save to Subtext tool, please take a moment to read the ‘Saving web pages to Subtext’ section of our Getting Books & Documents into Subtext Guide.

You can also contact Subtext Support to get a quick answer to any questions or issues you have while using the app.

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