Managing Your Purchased Subtext Licenses

Once your school purchases licenses, your designated license administrators can assign them to group members in Subtext.

Subtext has two types of administrators: Group administrators (can share content with groups) and License administrators (can allocate licenses to students or other teachers).  You must be designated as a license administrator to give a license to others in your school or district.

If your school only has a few license administrators, it will be easiest if your teachers make the license administrators co-admins of their class groups, at least until the licensing is complete.  We are happy to walk through any feedback or questions on the licensing process, just email us at

1) Here we see a teacher who has purchased 30 licenses that can be granted to users.

get licenses1

2) As you tap student or teacher names, a red check box indicates they are selected.  Here I have selected 6 users, so my ‘Upgrade’ button says (6). Once I tap ‘Upgrade’ those users will be given their licenses, thereby unlocking the paid features in Subtext.

get licenses2

3) If you make a mistake and select the wrong user, you can tap the users’ names below ‘Users with licenses’ and Reclaim those seats by tapping ‘Reclaim’.

get licenses3

Finally, another handy place to grant users their licenses is from a class group page. Make sure the license administrators are also group administrators of each group. Then the license administrator can tap the group, then tap ‘Manage Group’ and then ‘Upgrade Members’. [Only teachers who are group administrators will see this option.]

upgrade group members

We look forward to your questions and feedback!  Please contact us at