Buy & Manage Licenses

Subtext is going premium on 6/30/15.  Subtext’s premium features help teachers build a deeper connection to students’ reading and further enhance instruction. You can purchase Subtext premium features for $3.00 per student per year by calling our sales team. Upgraded users that were purchased for the 2014/2015 school year will expire on 6/30/15.

Purchase Subtext Licenses:

From a sales representative Learn how »

From within Subtext (Ends June 30, 2015) Learn how »

Manage your purchased licenses (through 6/30/15)

Grant/reclaim licenses Learn how »


Purchase licenses from a sales representative

By purchasing licenses through a sales representative, you gain added benefits, including:

- the flexibility of choosing a specific number of licenses to purchase

- the opportunity to designate other license administrators who can grant licenses to students

To be connected to a sales representative in your area, just send an email to and let us know!

Purchase licenses from within Subtext

1) First tap ‘Settings’ in the lower left-hand corner of ‘My Library’ to access your licenses, then tap the green ‘Manage Account Upgrades’ button.

purchase 1

2) Next you will land on the ‘Manage Licenses’ screen. Tap through it to the ‘Purchase Upgrades’ screen (shown below) if you want to review the free and premium features available, then tap ‘Buy Now’. You can always get back to ‘Manage Licenses’ in the top right corner of this screen.

purchase 2

3) Once you tap ‘Buy Now,’ you will see the purchase modal and you can choose to buy licenses in sets of 10 at $2.99 per user.  (For example, 10 for $29.99, 20 for $59.98, etc).

Note: All licenses are held in your account and can be assigned/withdrawn at any time, but all licenses are consumables that expire at the end of this coming school year: June 30, 2015.

purchase 3 purchase 3a

4) You’ll then be asked to confirm your purchase. Once confirmed, you’ll see a ‘Thank You’ screen and be emailed a receipt from iTunes. Since this purchase is a consumable, not a subscription, it will expire on 6/30/15 and you do not need to remember to cancel it.

purchase 4




Manage your licenses

** Self-management of licenses ends on 6/30/15 when Subtext Premium will be sold and provisioned through the Renaissance Learning sales team. ** Once your licenses have been purchased, you can grant them to your group members. Licenses may also be reclaimed from members at any time and redistributed.

1) Below, we see that a teacher has purchased 30 licenses–none have yet been granted to group members.


2) Selected members are indicated by a red check mark. Here, the teacher has selected 6 users, so the ‘Upgrade’ button shows a ‘(6).’ Immediately after tapping ‘Upgrade,’ all assigned members are granted licenses and access to all the premium features.

get licenses2

3) If you wish to transfer a license to a different member, simply locate and select the user under the ‘Users with licenses’ section, and tap RECLAIM.  You’re now free to grant that license to a different user. Licenses can be redistributed as often as desired, until the expiration date on 6/30/15.

get licenses3