Access leveled, curated content

By setting a grade level for your group, a collection of leveled, curated content is fed right to your ‘Group’ blade, giving you easy access to tons of topical, non-fiction articles that will pique the interest of you and your class. From the ‘Group’ blade, you can:

Set/change a group’s grade level  Learn how »

Add leveled content to your library  Learn how »

Note: Access to the ‘Curated Collections’ is a premium feature and requires a license.


Set/change a group’s grade level

1) Locate your group

Within the ‘Groups’ section of your dashboard, locate and tap the group for which you’d like to set a grade level.


2) Edit your group

Once inside the ‘Group’ blade, tap the ‘More Actions’ icon, located in the upper-right corner, then tap EDIT GROUP.


3) Set/change grade level

Inside this popup, and beneath your group’s name, is the button displaying your group’s current grade level (it might also say ‘No Grade’ if a grade level has not yet been set). Tap this button, then tap the desired grade level. Finally, tap UPDATE to confirm your action. The content fed to your group will automatically be adjusted to reflect the updated grade level.

Set Change Grade Level


Add leveled content to your library

1) Access the ‘Curated Collections’ blade

The ‘Curated Collections’ blade is the location from which you’ll access all the leveled, nonfiction content we have to offer. This blade can be reached in either of the following two waysl:


Tap to add    Arrow  Article & Book Collections

b) Tapping the group to which you wish to add leveled content, then tapping CONTENT.

Locate    Arrow   Content

2) Filter your leveled content

Within this blade, you’ll see options to sort your content by ‘CCSS Reading Range’ or ‘Topic.’ When a selection has been made, the content within the blade will immediately be filtered to reflect it.

Note: Changing the ‘CCSS Reading Range’ does not change your selected grade level. If the ‘CCSS Reading Range’ is changed to something different than your selected grade level, it will default back to your selected grade level upon exiting.

CCSS         Topic

3) Add leveled content to your library

When you find an article you’d like to add, tap VIEW ARTICLE. The article will then be opened in our in-app browser. When the article has finished loading, tap SAVE TO SUBTEXT, then ADD TO LIBRARY. You will then be offered the choice to add the article to any of your group libraries–simply tap the desired boxes and the article will be immediately delivered.

View Aericle           Save