Get Started

With the ability to do so much with your class through Subtext, it may be hard to know exactly where to start. So, we’ve provided a list of common teacher tasks, as well as some useful tips, aimed to get you confident and comfortable using Subtext to best promote active reading and deeper understanding amongst your students.

Common Teacher Tasks:

I want content leveled to my class: By assigning a group a grade level, appropriately leveled content will be fed right to your ‘Group’ blade. Learn how »

I want to read nonfiction with my class: Dive into our curated article collection or bring in any article or PDF. Learn how »

I want my students to think more deeply about a topic or text: Try embedding a poll or a comment to get students engaged. Learn how »

I want to help my students build background knowledge: Embed a video, photo, or web link into any discussion. Learn how »

I want to check if my students understand: Embed a quick quiz into the text and see immediate results. Learn how »

I want to help my students break down a complex text: Encourage smarter reading and writing with highlighting + tagging. Learn how »

I want to practice Common Core skills with my class: Try one of our CCSS assignment templates or edit it to make it your own. Learn how »

Useful Tips:

Archive your group(s): Remove any group from your ‘Groups’ list, while maintaining access to all its content. Learn how »

Quickly get your class on the same page: Trying to get everyone to page 56? It’s as easy as a double tap. Learn how »