I want my students to think more deeply about a topic or text.

Subtext is built to engage students more deeply in their reading. Here are two easy ideas to get started.

1) Start a discussion

Students love to interact with their peers and when engagement is high, it’s easier to encourage deeper thinking and analysis. Start a discussion by holding your finger down on the passage you’d like to discuss, then choose ‘Discuss’.


You can have your students see each others’ replies or ask them to respond first before collaborating.

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2) Try a poll

Polls have no right or wrong answer, but they encourage students to take a stand and support their answers! To add a poll, hold your finger down to select the passage you’d like to discuss, then choose ‘Discuss’, and ‘Polls’.

Want to build background knowledge or try more tips for deeper thinking in any text? Try embedding a video or web link.