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Posted March 18, 2013 under Common Core, Subtext News

Thanks to everyone who came and talked to us this week at CUE in Palm Springs.  The conference was all about the Common Core, so we were happy to be accepted to speak with Dena Glynn, a 4th/5th grade teacher at Poway Unified in San Diego, about how Subtext is being used in her classroom.

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We know starting to incorporate the Common Core in everyday classrooms is challenging, and most teachers want to find a more practical way to tackle it. So our PD team (including Jeff Martin from Johns Hopkins and Jenni Higgs from UC Berkeley) helped us filter through the standards Dena has been incorporating into her classroom for months using Subtext. We know that practical application is only part of the challenge; assessment is the other piece.

In a nutshell, Subtext most naturally aligns with the anchor standards within Reading, due to the text-embedded nature of all the activities and assignments in the app, from close reading, to citing text evidence, to comparing sources and diverse media types, to forming more critical thinking skills. To see how else we are being used to support the Common Core, browse Dena’s slides below and let us know what you think!

From Alice in Wonderland to articles from Dogo News for Kids, Dena reads a wide variety of free content with her 4th and 5th graders in Subtext.  And she says her prep time is sometimes as little as (gasp!) eight minutes in the morning each day.

Using Subtext to Engage Readers & Support the Common Core (#CUE13) from Subtext


Finally, no conference would be complete without getting to meet up with some of our long-term teachers like Kristin Thomsen.  Her Apple session with Ashley Tarquin about pushing your lessons into higher-quadrants (Adaptation) for Rigor and Relevance was one of our favorites of the show.  They have a wonderful presentation wiki with several apps and tools they use (including Subtext) for the Common Core.

We were happy to be mentioned in several other sessions and articles, including Holly Clark’s article called ‘5 reasons I love Subtext‘ and Jim Bologna’s talk called Disruptive Innovation in Practice: 1:1 iPad Pedagogies. Last but not least, join our CUE group in Subtext to connect with teachers and see some of our starter content and slides. Just tap ‘Join Group’ in the app and use this code: RXAQAWEV.

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