I want to help my students build background knowledge.

Building background knowledge helps students associate their reading with something broader. Try using your tried-and-true materials from the Web at the beginning of an assignment or to increase engagement with a complex text throughout student reading.  Two ways to start:

1) Add a Web link

You can embed all types of instruction and enrichment even videos, photographs, and weblinks  in the pages of your book or article. Just tap ‘Discuss’ after selecting some text, then tap ‘Add web link’. Find the weblink or image URL on Google when it opens, then tap ‘Paste Link’. Publish your note and ask your students to consider the Web material as they respond to your prompt!



2) Add a Video

To add a video to a discussion, highlight some text, then tap ‘Google’ and navigate to a YouTube video that you want to embed.


Make sure you choose ‘Video results’ within Google to do this.

embed_video search

Tap ‘Paste Link’, publish your note, then your video will appear embedded like this:

embed_video completed