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Vote on the Subtext Owl and Enter to Win!

Posted April 23, 2014 under

We have a new mascot and we need your help to name him! We’ve narrowed it down to these 5 choices: 1) Owlbert Einstein 2) Hoot 3) Sophocles 4) Strix 5) Accel Just follow @readwithsubtext and tweet us with your favorite name for a chance to win a class-set of premium Subtext licenses as well as a $100 Google gift card you can use to buy ebooks for your class! Just be sure to include #SubtextOwl in your tweet and to send us your vote by May 7th. Good luck and stay tuned to see which name the Subtext community gives our mascot!   Please click here for official contest rules.

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New #Nonfiction: Teaching poetry, an Earth-like planet, a jet stowaway, and more!

Posted April 21, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core

New this week in #Nonfiction: Why Teaching Poetry Is So Important ATOS: 9.8 Recommended Grade Ranges: 8-9 The Most Earth-Like Planet is only 500 Light Years Away ATOS: 8.5 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 A Year After the Boston Marathon Bombing; A Runner Rises ATOS: 6.2 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 How Did Maui Stowaway Survive in Jet’s Wheel Well? ATOS: 8.6 Recommended Grade Ranges: 7-8

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New #Nonfiction: National Poetry Month, the science of scents, a runaway dog, and more!

Posted April 11, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core

New this week in #Nonfiction: Celebrate National Poetry Month with 10 notable lines of poetry ATOS: 8.5 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 The nose knows a trillion scents ATOS: 7.7 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Study: Enjoy Live More – Use Facebook Less ATOS: 10.3 Recommended Grade Ranges: 7-9 How did a little dog travel 1,000 miles in 4 days? ATOS: 5.4 Recommended Grade Ranges: 3-5

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Subtext

Posted April 10, 2014 under Common Core, New Features
Poetry Promo Page_FNL

We’re pretty big fans of all types of literature here at Subtext: contemporary fiction, the classics, biographies, classic novels…there’s nothing we won’t read! This month, however, we’re particularly excited to be participating in National Poetry Month, which gives us a chance to join educators across the US in celebrating the achievements of all poets and their impact on American culture. To help you get your students involved, we’ve collected an array of poems and added them to the April Poetry Month group library and you can join the group by going to this link or with the group code PCNYUKXY. Each week, we’ll add five new poems to the library, all with pre-embedded activities for a quick (and fun!) way to integrate poetry into your lessons. We hope you enjoy sharing these pieces with your class and that you’ll share any others you think we’ve missed. Happy Poetry Month! - The Subtext Team

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New #Nonfiction: Poetry, Ukraine update, young bravery, more!

Posted April 2, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core

New this week in #Nonfiction: How to Read a Poem ATOS: 8.8 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Why is This Ebola Outbreak Spreading? ATOS: 8.7 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Bold, Bald and Beautiful: Colorado Girl Teaches Grown-ups a Lesson About True Friendship ATOS: 6.6 Recommended Grade Ranges: 4-6 On Ukraine’s border with Russia, an anxious, weird waiting game ATOS: 9.5 Recommended Grade ranges: 8-10  

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