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New #Nonfiction: National Poetry Month, the science of scents, a runaway dog, and more!

Posted April 11, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core

New this week in #Nonfiction: Celebrate National Poetry Month with 10 notable lines of poetry ATOS: 8.5 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 The nose knows a trillion scents ATOS: 7.7 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Study: Enjoy Live More – Use Facebook Less ATOS: 10.3 Recommended Grade Ranges: 7-9 How did a little dog travel 1,000 miles in 4 days? ATOS: 5.4 Recommended Grade Ranges: 3-5

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Subtext

Posted April 10, 2014 under Common Core, New Features
Poetry Promo Page_FNL

We’re pretty big fans of all types of literature here at Subtext: contemporary fiction, the classics, biographies, classic novels…there’s nothing we won’t read! This month, however, we’re particularly excited to be participating in National Poetry Month, which gives us a chance to join educators across the US in celebrating the achievements of all poets and their impact on American culture. To help you get your students involved, we’ve collected an array of poems and added them to the April Poetry Month group library and you can join the group by going to this link or with the group code PCNYUKXY. Each week, we’ll add five new poems to the library, all with pre-embedded activities for a quick (and fun!) way to integrate poetry into your lessons. We hope you enjoy sharing these pieces with your class and that you’ll share any others you think we’ve missed. Happy Poetry Month! - The Subtext Team

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New #Nonfiction: Poetry, Ukraine update, young bravery, more!

Posted April 2, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core

New this week in #Nonfiction: How to Read a Poem ATOS: 8.8 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Why is This Ebola Outbreak Spreading? ATOS: 8.7 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Bold, Bald and Beautiful: Colorado Girl Teaches Grown-ups a Lesson About True Friendship ATOS: 6.6 Recommended Grade Ranges: 4-6 On Ukraine’s border with Russia, an anxious, weird waiting game ATOS: 9.5 Recommended Grade ranges: 8-10  

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New #Nonfiction: landslide, 5-min rule, more!

Posted March 25, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core
New This Week 3:24

Check out our features new #nonfiction this week. Remember, we are adding over 20+ additional articles per month. Go into the Get Content portal and search for something you can use tomorrow in your instruction! Testing the Five-Second Rule ATOS: 9.3 Recommended Grade Ranges: 6-8 Finnish gibberish: What foreign languages sound like… ATOS: 8.4 Recommended Grade Ranges: 4-6 Includes multimedia At Least 8 Dead After Deadly Landslide in Washington ATOS: 8.0 Recommended Grade Ranges: 4-8 Includes informational video on landslides; google maps geo-quiz Turkey bans Twitter – and Twitter explodes ATOS: 8.9 Recommended Grade ranges: 7-9 Includes related links for background on Turkey; critical thinking quetsions  

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New Black History Month Collection: notes, videos & more

Posted January 17, 2014 under Article of the Week, Common Core, Subtext News
Black History Month in Subtext

What was it like in Washington on the day of the march fifty years ago? How was non-violent protest used in the fight for civil rights? Help your students bring it to life in our new Black History Month collection! In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington in August 1963, we’ve developed new materials to help you engage your students! Each text provides unique insight into what it was like to be part of the crowd that gathered in Washington on that historic day. Several texts examine the strategy and effectiveness of non-violent protests as a means to bring about change. Students can evaluate the persuasive rhetoric of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, analyze previously-unreleased images from that day, and read accounts from those who were there. The collection is full of primary sources, embedded videos, polls, and even an interview with a special guest on the Stephen Colbert show! Featured Black History Month Texts: More Than a Dream: Photos of the March on Washington: Some newly-released photos are included and annotations ask students to infer what it was like to be there. (Grades 4-12) Last Word: Rep John Lewis shares his memories of that historic day,...

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