Assign an Activity

What are Activities?

Activities are one piece of the Assignments feature in Subtext.  Think of them as your building blocks — use just one Activity to keep an Assignment light and simple, or sequence several for a longer or more formal assessment.  Our goal: Assignments and their corresponding Activities should make the teacher and student work flow easier to manage in digital texts. See a video on Assignments.

Teachers, find our ready-to-use Activities after you select any Assignment template, or add your own by tapping the orange ‘+’ while you are in creating an assignment. Subtext has two types of Activities today, with more on the way:

‘Highlight & Tag’ Activity:

‘Show You Know’ Activity: 

Figure 1: A teacher choosing an activity inside Create Assignment or Edit Assignment:

activities teacher


Figure 2: A student seeing an assignment tag in their Highlight Menu as they read:



Figure 3: A student’s highlighted passages and a finished ‘Show You Know’ writing prompt, before they hit ‘Submit’:

activities student