Article of the Week

We are excited to announce the ‘Article of the Week’ program, a part of our new curated Book & Article Collections in Subtext. After hearing from many teachers about the challenges in finding appropriate, grade-level content related to current events, our content team has started to curate weekly articles that can help you bring relevance, rigor and engagement to your classrooms. The best part is that it’s free!

What Is It?

Our goal is to bring a weekly theme of content to our teachers, in a way that’s “ready to go” in Subtext.  Whether we’re covering the Government Shutdown, Syria, Bullying, or the latest changes in Weather, ‘Article of the Week’ helps you save prep time and keep your kids engaged on a Friday afternoon. Most importantly, we hope it will help you broaden their views about the world and expand their critical thinking (all part of the new Common Core State Standards for ELA and science teachers alike!)

How to Get It

Find the Article of the Week like this:

Join the Group

Once you have the article, you can also join our ‘Article of the Week’ group by entering this code inside Subtext: RUMTPWLP or click here to join.  Joining the group gives you access to one, easy-to-use discussion prompt built for each article. Some articles even include videos!  If you want to re-use our prompts, just tap the green ‘share’ button on any note, then share it with your own class.

Find more Articles

You can browse hundreds of evergreen articles, informational texts, and CCSS Exemplar texts (all organized by reading range, grade level and topic) in our Curated Collections (premium feature). Please email with questions.


To view archived ‘Articles of the Week’, simply click here to see all of our posts listed by date and theme. To get these URLs into Subtext, just get our ‘Save to Subtext’ bookmarklet and read them in Subtext anytime. You can also follow our blog for the latest updates.