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October 7th, 2013

Articles of the Week: US Government Shutdown

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Grades 4-5: “Government Shutdown

After a battle in Congress, the U.S. government shuts down until lawmakers can reach an agreement on the nation’s budget

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Sample discussion questions: After reading this article and viewing the attached video, explain the following in your own words:

A. What is a government shutdown why does it happen?

B. Given the effects of the shutdown, what do you think is keeping government officials from finding a solution to end the shutdown?


Grades 6-8: “The Government Shutdown”

With Congress having failed to pass a federal budget on Monday, some government services have stopped

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 Grades 9-10: “What History Will Say About Obamacare and the Government Shutdown”

On October 1, 2013, Democrats opened up a program to bring health care to all, while Republicans peacocked around trying to stop history. It’s obvious which side will be judged more kindly years from now, says Michael Tomasky.

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Sample Discussion Questions:

A. As you read, highlight passages where the author identifies Republican efforts to end the government shutdown in one color, and Democratic efforts in another color.

B. After reading and reviewing your highlighted examples, do you feel the author is more positive towards Republicans or Democrats in this article?  Cite textual evidence that supports your conclusion.


Grades 11-12: “Rattled Congress Seeks Way Out of Its Standoff”

Republican efforts to resolve the fiscal standoff that has closed much of the federal government heated up Thursday, the third day of the shutdown, with new talks over a broad budget deal and an effort by more moderate House members to break the logjam.

Sample Assignment Template (Premium Users Only): 

A. As you read, highlight words and phrases that use figurative language.  Be prepared to discuss both the figurative and connotative meanings of the words you highlight.

B. Choose several words from among those you highlighted.  For each, explain the connotation of the word or phrase.  How does this meaning affect the overall tone of the text?



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