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Posted June 2, 2013 under Case Studies, Common Core

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Over the last few months we’ve worked with dozens of teachers and our professional development team (like Jeff Martin) to create annotations and assignments in some of our most popular books and articles.

In addition to the books in our gallery below – Of Mice and Men, The Pearl, Animal Farm, Chains, The Outsiders and Oliver Twist – we have thousands of teachers contributing in the margins of books and articles every month.

Because all Subtext teachers are part of a group called ‘Teachers+’, you can find this content, choose what you like, and easily share it with your own classroom groups.  Once a note is shared with a classroom group, only that class sees it, making it convenient and safe to collaborate in Subtext.   To share a note with a new group, just tap the green ‘Share’ icon – your replies with one group (i.e. 6th period) will stay hidden from your others (i.e. CPS):

tap 'share'

Have existing teaching materials you want to use in Subtext?

A few options:
1) Email us your materials and we’ll help you get them into the pages of Subtext, it doesn’t take long.
2) Open your materials in Google Docs from inside Subtext, then paste your instruction and commentary right into notes.
3) Try one of our beta features and do your prep right on the Web, by tapping ‘Add Notes and Quizzes’ from your own My Library page on

Take a look at some of these great prompts – all ready to share with your class this Fall in Subtext!


[Click to expand the screen shots below]

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