About Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin is a Senior ELA & Social Studies Instructional Facilitator with Johns Hopkins School of Education’s Talent Development Secondary Program.  He specializes in implementing effective literacy initiatives in Secondary Schools and Districts in NYC, Boston, and Baltimore, as well as training coaches and teachers to develop lesson plans that implement new Common Core State Standard expectations in order to prepare each student for college and/or career.  Jeff serves as Subtext’s Instructional Design Lead, and is passionate about developing highly engaging and rigorous curriculum into the pedagogical framework of Subtext in a way that will empower teachers as they ignite students’ passion for reading.  He hopes most of all to achieve this with his own children; his two daughters and son, with whom he and his wife live in Towson, MD.  He is a native of Northern Virginia and holds both a BA. and M.A. in Political Science.

The opinions expressed by Jeff in the Subtext blog are strictly those of the author and do not reflect the opinions or endorsement of the Johns Hopkins School of Education or any of its affiliations.