6 Ways Students Can Collaborate with iPads

Posted January 30, 2013 under iPads in Classrooms, Subtext News

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Hi everyone,

We were happy to be included as one of Greg Kulowiec’s 6 apps for student collaboration on the iPad, as posted in Edudemic.  The commonality across these six apps is that they all make teachers’ lives easier when they are short on time, but big on their belief in collaboration and 21st century skills.

As always, Greg does a great job at making some daunting workflows feel easy and natural.  (We learned a thing or 2 ourselves!)    Tune in to the 10:07 minute marker to see Subtext in action!


iPad Collaboration from EdTechTeacher on Vimeo.


  1. Julia Colby

    March 25, 2013|6:17 pm|Reply

    Excellent video tutorial on the apps by Greg Kulowiec. Enough information to get you going and using the collaboration piece of all these apps.

  2. Richard Campbell

    March 30, 2013|1:28 am|Reply

    This was great! Just like your webinars! So many apps! How do I choose which are best for my students and classes?

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